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We would like to introduce ourselves as a Trust doing voluntary service dedicated to the ideals of community development in Tiruchirapalli through fellowship. Such fellowship is promoted by regular social and cultural activities among our members.

The Book Bank Project was started in the year 1998, with a dream to see that every deserving and needy student get the text books to study. The continued support from our donors and Trustees has seen the number of beneficiaries rise to more than 11709 students to date.

. Aims & Objectives ...  

It is felt that there are organisations to provide scholarships to needy students, but there is no agency to equip them with standard college course books which are prohibitive in cost but very essential in need. Though there are libraries, they do not meet the long term requirements of the students, moreover such books cannot be retained during the examinations.

With these problems in view, the RWA launched the BOOK BANK Project under which, books will be leased out without any charge, to the students and retained by them until successful completion of their course, thus creating a sense of belongingness amongst them.


. Modus - Operandi ...  

At the commencement of every academic year, applications will be invited under due recommendation of the respective College Principals from needy college students of Tiruchirapalli. Details like marks obtained during the previous examinations, family income, number of dependants etc. will be required to be furnished by them.

These applications will be scrutinized by a Working Committee and on its recommendation deserving students will be selected as recipients of the RWA's Book Bank course books.

On completion of their respective courses the students will be advised to return the books provided to them which will then pass on to the next set of deserving students.


. Ambition ...  

We the members of the RWA will strive towards the total eradication of the financial problems faced by the needy and deserving students in obtaining their course books and the fear amongst those who have the capacity and desire to study but abstain, for need of assistance.


. Finances ...  

The initial cost of the Book Bank shall be borne by the members (who in reality originate from North India, but have settled here for decades thus creating in them a sense of belonging and attachment towards Tiruchirapalli & Tamil Nadu) of the RWA on the basis of Voluntary Donations.


. Donations ...  

Donation in the form of course books or cash will be welcome from Well-Wishers, Associations, Trusts, Professionals, the Business Community and Others towards the Book Bank. Donations will also be invited in the form of Course Books from students finishing their course which will in turn help the future student community and the RWA in performing better in its Book Bank Project.


. Request ...  

The extent of success of this project lies in the Co-operation of the Principals and Staff- incharge of various Colleges as well as the Student community of Tiruchirapalli without which this ambitious Project will remain a mere dream. We invite your suggestions which will help us to serve you better.


. Registration...

Registration details of RWA Educational & Health Charitable Trust ::

Reg. No.: 6162E(61)
2005 - 06/ CIT - I/TRY
dt. 02/03/2006

. Contact Us...

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